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Caring For and Cleaning Jewelry - JOULOU

We believe that if you know how to care for your jewelry properly, you can look after it and enjoy it for a long time.

We at JOULOU make a point of only using noble metals - sterling silver and gold, to ensure the quality of our jewelry.

Basic home care instructions:

Chemicals that are used on a daily basis can harm jewelry made of a combination of gold and silver and actually impair their natural luster.

Cleaning products may harm the outer layer and damage the jewelry.

Given the jewelry's reaction to chemicals, we recommend removing the jewelry prior to showering, cleaning and cooking, and before applying makeup and various creams, hair spray and perfume.

In addition, chlorine may damage gold jewelry, therefore, we suggest removing it before getting into the pool and/or Jacuzzi.

We recommend occasionally wiping the jewelry with a soft cleaning cloth and storing it carefully, separate from other jewelry in order to avoid scratches.

Please take care to remove the jewelry before changing or going to bed, to avoid getting caught on a piece of clothing and bending or breaking.

We promise that these easy-to-do steps will yield results that are worth the effort.

Your children’s safety is extremely important to us, please follow the safety instructions below:

• Make sure that children under the age of 3 only wear jewelry under adult supervision.

• Do not allow your children to play with the jewelry or put it in their mouths to avoid choking.

• Remove the jewelry from your children while they are playing, bathing or before bed.

All of our jewelry comes with a full one year warranty! 
The warranty includes: repair and replating.
The warranty is not valid in cases of scratches and breaks caused by unreasonable use and natural wear and tear.

Please contact our customer service via our website with any questions.


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