Seal of Approval


The jewels in JOULOU are produced in very high standards that are verified by the Standards Institution of Israel (SII).

The jewels are produced by noble metals solemnly: 925 silver, 925 silver coated with 18K gold and 14K  gold (Yellow, White, or  Rose) which are highly controlled by strict standards.

In JOULOU we produce our jewels on our own, in one of the most advanced factories in the world, that manufactures for over 20 years. Therefore, we guarantee full attention to the small details as well as the large ones. We work in an eco- friendly company that does not use harmful substances.

We have gained expertise and experience throughout the years and we would love to share with you the pleasure that our jewels bring.

We have a one-year warranty and the returning procedure is very simple.

About the Standard

There is a standard in the SII that marks gold products- standard number 299.

This standard is official, therefore by law it is obligatory to manufacture, import and sell gold products that are certified with the standard.

The standard regulates:

The symbol of the manufacturer or the importer

The fineness of the gold measured in millesimal fineness or karat

The symbol on the product that verifies that its fineness is accurate.

The first two symbols are imprinted by the manufacturer. The symbol that verifies the fineness of the product is imprinted by the SII after it has been validated.

Some jewels will not have all three symbols, since the standard states that a product which weighs less than 2 grams is not required to have the symbols on it, even though the manufacturer is obligated to bring the product for testing in the SII.

585 fine- 14K

750 fine- 18K

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