Tania Vinokur – Joulou Jewelry Presenter

 Joulou Jewelry Presenter - Tania Tania Vinokur Tania Vinokur - Joulou Jewelry Presenter

Tania Vinokur is a strong, independent woman whose story of success is that of a child who immigrated from the Soviet Union when she was eight years old.

When Vinokur was four, she had already learned classical ballet, played the violin and preformed as a singer on stage.

As a teenager, after her family’s immigration, she continued practicing the violin in a band and began to study modern ballet and jazz. At that stage she commenced her first steps in flamenco dance and by the time she was a teen she had already preformed in Israel and abroad.

Vinokur turned her greatest love into a successful career, where at its start she performed in the dance troup “Mayumana.” Subsequently, she created her own show based on Latin style, with unique musical arrangements to popular songs, combined with musicians, singers and dancers.

Eventually, the show had become the dance troup “Sinco 5” that remains today.

It is interesting to discover the different areas of the world where her musical influences derive, from classical music, to folk music, hip hop hits, etc.

Vinokur’s connection with the Spanish and Latin culture is remarkable and powerful.

She expresses this bond while performing with a violin, playing a traditional Spanish percussion instrument, cajon, and also in the well- known flamenco dance.

Vinokur performed recently in Jaffa TEDx in the city of Jaffa and won great acclaim for her outstanding and unique performance. Today Vinokur is working on a new musical project, which is a mixture of Israeli music, Romani- oriental music, with a lot of rhythm and soul. The band of musicians that play in her new show have been performing with Vinokur in the last ten years.

Tania designed a bracelet and earrings that have the first letters of her first and last name engraved on top, V and T.