Silver Chain and Link Bracelets: Just One of Joulou’s Jewelry Special Designs

When thinking about wearing jewelry, one cannot simply go wrong with amazing bracelets. Whether you are attending a formal occasion, a romantic trip with your loved one, or even for just a day in the office, bracelets are simply a fun accessory to go with your attire.

Throughout the ages, both sexes have been using bracelets, which are ideal for layering and staking preferences. Ancient bracelets are made of copper, bronze, shells, or even tree limbs or grasses. Historic evidence has shown that people in ancient China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia wore bracelets of some kind. Bracelets have become more decorative and intricate following the Bronze Age. This is a time when jewelry pieces attained a symbol of wealth and social status. It is not surprising during that time when royal family members or nobles wore bracelets that were made of silver and gold. Bracelets adorned with shells or expensive stones were also fashionable during the period.


Fashionable people at the time of the Victorian Era wore charm bracelets that have dangling lockets and engraved charms. A few decades later, people have become partial to bracelet chains decorated with coral and ivory.


In the 20th century, companies started mass-producing fashion jewelry, making it more affordable and accessible to the public.

One of the most popular bracelets right now are silver chain and link bracelets. These bracelets are made of links connected in a band. Silver chain and link bracelets are very flexible, ranging from very intricate ones to more unique designs.


Taking care of your jewelry

To ensure your silver chain and link bracelets would be pristine for a long time, make sure you always take care of it.

For example, when you are taking a shower or dip in the swimming pool, it is ideal to take off your silver off. Chlorine in the swimming pool can be a harsh chemical on your jewelry.

That is also the same case if you are taking a hot tub or dipping in hot springs. The heat can wreak havoc on your jewelry. Unless you want to go for a dark and oxidized look for your silver chain and link bracelet, make sure you take it off before you do any of these activities.

It is always ideal to store silver in air-tight bags that have anti-tarnish properties. These bags can minimize air exposure with your jewelry. They will also help ensure the brilliance and shininess of your jewelry remains intact.

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