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Where can I get a gold bar necklace engraved?

When you are proud of your name, the name of a person who is special to you, or something that you believe in, you want to wear it for the world to see. But you have to do it in style otherwise, some people may not appreciate it and the most subtle yet effective way to do it is with monogrammed jewelry.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to personalized jewelry is the bar necklace. It is the perfect piece in which to write a name or two names, a word or a short inspirational message.


Joulou Jewelry offers a wide range of bar necklaces. They come in different styles, sizes, vertical and horizontal designs, some are curved and some have customized cut shapes within the bar. You really have a lot of options that would help you create the look that you want so you can wear your necklace proudly.



At, you will see a whole selection of bar necklaces in the bar necklace collection under the necklaces menu.

Select the design that you like and from there, you can customize and personalize the necklace as much as you want. If you select the necklace with two rectangular bars, for example, you can write a name or a word on each bar and select the lettering.

Choose from about 6 types of metal including white gold, yellow, gold, and rose-plated silver to name a few. You also have several options for the chain. You can select the thickness of the chain as well as the style whether you want a twisted chain, a box chain, or a roll chain.

There are shorter bars and longer bars. Whatever you want to display in your bar necklace, you can easily create the design that you want at Joulou Jewelry.