Orly Dvir – Joulou Jewelry Presenter

Orly Dvir – Joulou Jewelry Presenter

Orly Dvir

Orly Dvir is an artist, a painter and a talented curator of art.

Dvir is a 30- year- old woman that lives in Jaffa who loves life and people.

“I wake up in the morning and my surroundings and friends are my inspiration. What I do plays a significant role in my well- being.

In my opinion, MAKR’S are people that engage in never-ending creation, they wake up in the morning and work intensely, they ask questions and develop themselves in perfect synergy with the right people for them and for their creations.

My inner truth is to love and be aware of myself and to always accept who I am, with good and bad. The world inspires me from the moment I open my eyes to a new day, there is no greater inspiration than life itself.”

Dvir’s inspiration in her jewelry is a lion, the symbol for her own personal creation, that serves as a basis in her work and now on her Joulou Jewelry.

Orly Dvir’s Gallery in Jaffa is a home for art and a studio for drawing, managed by Orly Dvir.

An interesting and exciting platform. A window that is open to a wide variety of art and creation that involves exhibitions, fundraising events, shows, workshops, music events, fashion events, culinary events and social and cultural events. It is an important and highly needed factory in the world of art nowadays, as well as it deals with high quality art without neglecting its economic aspects.

“We believe that art is inherent to society- and thus it needs to be accessible to people as a part of social perception.”

Jaffa Port 32 Tel Aviv- Jaffa


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