Hearts Collection with Signature Collections

Whatever the occasion may be, it’s hard to go wrong with the gift of jewelry especially if the intended recipient is a woman. Jewelry is a timeless present that appeals to women of all ages. You can be certain the woman in your life will accept it with a smile on her face and joy in her heart.

Jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes to cater to different tastes, but if you want to go for a universally appreciated design, your best choice is heart jewelry. As a symbol, the heart conveys love and affection, making it a perfect way to express how much you care. It’s not something women buy for themselves because they know it’s better to receive it from someone special.

On top of that, heart jewelry is versatile – it can be made to suit a young girl or an older woman depending on the style. It can be the main piece, or just the final touch of a design. It’s also a classic so you can be sure it will still be adored and worn through the years.

To get an idea of what you can give your special someone, check out the Hearts Collection at Joulou. Whether you’re looking for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings, you’ll find the perfect present in the collection. Not sure where to start? Go for something simple and beautiful like a chain necklace with an engraved heart pendant. You can choose what short engraving to add to make the gift more personalized. If you want a longer personal statement, you can also consider a bar necklace embellished with a heart on one side. You can choose what font to use, and better yet, the bar has room for a phrase instead of just one word.

If you prefer a pair of earrings instead, you can opt for customized heart stud earrings. Each earring can be engraved with one letter. To complete the set, get a matching ring with a heart on the center. The heart can also be engraved with a letter.

If your intended recipient prefers to adorn her wrist instead, a chain bracelet with an infinity symbol and a heart may be the appropriate choice. You can add an engraving on the heart, and you have various fonts to choose from.


All pieces in the Hearts Collection are available in sterling silver 925, 18K plated silver, and 14K gold. Prices vary according to the metal you choose.