Drop Earrings Trend - Dangly Earrings Still Looks Cool

Drop Earrings Trend – Dangly Earrings Still Looks Cool

Drop Earrings Trend

Earrings have been worn for thousands of years. Its significance, style, and popularity have changed over the years. Rulers such as Cleopatra and King Tut have worn earrings. The bible has also mentioned the use of earrings. It was part of a tradition for some cultures and tribes such as the Ainu and and Turkic tribes. Piercing of children’s ears were part of religious ceremonies in India and in other cultures. Baby girls also have pierced ears and usually wear earrings to let others be aware that they are girls especially when they have no hair or they have short hair that people would mistaken them for a baby boy. These days, earrings are worn by both men and women as a sign of expression and also for fashion statement.


The style of earrings have changed over the years to match the modern world and also the tastes of women. Clip ons have been created and also the materials used for creating earrings have changed. There are no limit as to the design that earrings can have these days. A pair of earrings can have different lengths and designs on different sides yet would still look like they match when worn together. When a woman or man wears earrings, it reveals that person’s personality or specific mood for the day.


Back in 2000, when one says fancy earrings, they pertain to drop and dangly earrings that almost resemble a chandelier. Dangly earrings became a trend back then and you could buy them at cheap prices. They used to be worn with jeans and tees to create a fashion statement. Although drop and dangly earrings have emerged way back in 2000, they haven’t gone out of style and in fact have evolved over the years.


Drop earrings are earrings that drop below the earlobe. They are usually simple pieces decorated with a gemstone, bead drops, or charm in the middle of the earring. The earring is usually stationary or bears little movement. Dangly earrings are earrings that also drop below the earlobe but are hanging and swinging from side to side. The length of dangly earrings vary. They can be a single chain or wires that extend from the hook which could come up with different branches.

Dangly Earrings  Still Looks Cool

Drop and dangly earrings should always be a staple in every woman’s jewelry collection. They are sophisticated and they give you a vintage feel when wearing it. They are also head-turning earrings that exude a striking expression to match your style. They can be worn during the day or even at night and they can be accentuated using different materials such as pearls, stones, crystals, precious metals, feathers, and a whole lot more. They can be worn on ordinary days or on special occasions. Drop and dangly earrings have a great appeal wherever you are in the world. This is the reason why drop and dangly earrings will never go out of style or it might take a hundred more years before they run out of style.


Nowadays, drop earrings have levelled up. They look more fancy and glamorous compared to how they looked like almost 20 years ago. They look less of a chandelier but more of geometric shapes, sculptural hoops, and drop chains. They are made of more sophisticated materials, rhinestones, and other precious metals.


The latest trend in drop earrings combines contemporary designs with vintage designs using crystals, stones, and other precious metals to come up with geometric-inspired designs. They also come in various innovative materials and designs such as seashells, feathers, etc. The designs have also evolved. Drop earrings can be combined with dangly earrings wherein the main design is made of an ornamental drop from the earring base and then an additional chain or chains that dangle from the earring base.


Earrings always accentuate a person’s personal style and statement. What’s important is to find the perfect pair of earrings that matches your personality and that is also comfortable enough on your ears that don’t cause stretching of your earlobes, swelling, and also infections. To make sure that you will be getting the finest earrings, you should go to a trusted jewelry shop just like Joulou Jewelry’s. They offer jewelry in various designs, shapes, and sizes and they have an exceptional customer service.