Design Your Own Name Necklaces

It’s easy to find a gift for someone by just entering a shopping mall and looking for something to give. There are a lot of generic gifts that you can give while there are some boutique shops that offer unique gifts. When giving a gift, what matters most is not the gift itself but the thought of giving the gift makes that person feel special.

When giving gifts, we went them to be unique. We want the person that we are giving the gift to to appreciate it that’s why we always find something that’s personal or something that would mean so much to that person. For example, if the person you are a giving a gift to loves playing the guitar, you can give him/her a customized guitar pick in his/her favorite color. A personalized gift is the best kind of gift that you can give someone because it’s one of a kind and it makes the person know how much you value him/her and it makes him/her special.

Hold someone dear to you close to your heart with their name or initials. You can have the name or initials of your child, your best friend, your partner, or even your favorite pet turned into a necklace with Joulou’s Design Your Own Necklace. These name necklaces are a great gift. You can choose the color and the type of metal to be used in making the necklace and you can choose from a variety of premade jewelry, materials, design tools, fonts, and jewelry design.


The difference of Joulou from other jewelry stores is that the name necklaces are name plates where you can customize the name, font, and even add small patterns such as a star or a heart.  Other jewelry stores usually just let you engrave the name on the pendant. You can bring out your creativity in just coming up with the perfect name necklace. Aside from giving it as a gift, you can also buy yourself your very own name necklace that you can use as a fashionable piece and to make yourself look cool since name necklace are very popular these days.


The best thing about getting name necklaces from Joulou is that the prices are very affordable. Customizing things usually mean having to spend more but with Joulou name necklaces, you don’t have to pay more. The prices of the jewelries despite having the chance to create your own design can be set within your budget.


Whatever purpose you have for these customizable name necklaces, what’s great about them is that you can express your creativity and put some personal touch in them that you can call them your own personal creation. It can give you a sense of achievement plus it would make the person you are giving it to very happy and very special.