Design Your Own Infinity Shape

The infinity shape is more than just a symbol, especially since it has become a rapidly growing design for jewelry, tattoo, and other forms of art. Whether you own an infinity necklace or a painting, you are definitely in possession of something really special.

But do you actually know what it means?

For you to understand it, you must first know where the infinity symbol came from, as well as where it was originally used for. Perhaps by doing so, you will be more incline to try an infinity shape necklace.

Infinity Necklace | Joulou Jewelry Blog

Origins of Infinity Symbol

It is true that it can be traced back to its mystic roots (i.e. Tibetan and Indian cultures), the infinity symbol is best known for being an infinite sum in Mathematics. In Latin word, the term means “unboundedness.” It was in 1655 when mathematician John Wallis coined the term in order to represent a term that has no end; hence, infinite.

Infinity in Modern Times

Bearing a concept that is endless, it greatly represents “eternal” and “unbreakable.” It is no wonder why the infinity shape has become a go-to design in most personalized jewelry like Joulou’s necklaces. And given the popularity it has with many female celebrities, the infinity jewelry is now considered a symbol of women’s empowerment, as well as the much-needed awareness of violence and harassment against women.

The infinity shape also implies that something is going to last forever, with some putting the symbol on their necklace to represent a long-lasting love.

There are those who say that the symbol is divided into two sections, both of which represent two elements, individuals, or aspects of a person. This is why it is an easy gifting choice for couples or individuals who are going through a time of introspection.

The shape has no beginning or end, and could be imagined as either a bent circle or two separate but connected teardrop shapes.

Design Your Infinity Shape With Joulou

What makes Joulou’s infinity necklaces different from its contemporaries is design flexibility. It is more than just infinity shape jewelry, as you have the power to customize it. You can start by writing your name on the necklace, perfectly embedded in the symbol. For couples, they can put their first names on each side of the symbol, seemingly representing their unbounded love for each other. Others may also want to simplify it through the use of initials. Either way, you can never go wrong with an infinity shape necklace.