How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry? Get Them Customized

Ladies love getting all dolled up for a special evening, but a carefully manicured pair of hands with a radical hairdo, accompanied by a stunning evening gown is simply incomplete without the right kind of jewelry. Jewelry completes the whole picture, as is far more than the cherry on top of the cake. Guys, if you would like to purchase a piece of jewelry for your beloved but do not know where to start, let Joulou Jewelry help you out.

How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry? Get Them Customized  Get Jewelry Them Customized


The big question is, how do you pick the perfect piece of jewelry? Here are some ideas on being the yin to your yang, and surprise your better half along the way with a one-of-a-kind customized jewelry that will knock her stockings off. You might be no superhero, but this is an equally valuable skill that will help you in life.


First of all, the perfect jewelry will need to be able to complement not only the outfit but also the occasion as well. It means knowing just what kind of event one is going to, as well as picking out the right dress. Would it be a black tie affair? How about a garden wedding that has its dress code, considering how weddings these days are incredibly bespoke affairs with many different kinds of themes and instructions from the couple that’s getting married? There is no “one size fits all” piece of jewelry; hence street-style leather jewelry is not the right one to embrace the neck of someone who is attending a formal gala event.


Since jewelry arrives in different kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors, one basic rule of thumb when picking the right jewelry would be to make sure it complements your skin tone. Even the Pink Star or Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is going to amount to nothing if it fails to help enhance your look. The trick is to select the right kind of gems and metals to light up your natural skin tone, as opposed to overshadowing you or the event itself. Thankfully, there are numerous colors to pick from to suit just about any skin tone: ranging from gold to amethyst, silver, and sapphire, among others. Gold is always the right choice if you have dark hair and matte skin; this is a combination that will never go out of style.


It is always good to be flexible in your jewelry selection, ensuring that it can be used multiple times over to complement different kinds of outfits and events. The whole idea of wearing jewelry is to add another layer of interest to a particular look or dress. A piece of standout jewelry is one that not only makes you look good; it also goes well with other outfits.

Customize Your Jewelry

Last but not least, keep things simple. One common mistake that many people think when it comes to jewelry would be to pile it up as a fashion statement. Others see it as a competition in a social setting, however, always remember never to over-accessorize. Jewelry should still add more value to the overall outfit, as that is the main aim in wearing jewelry. Being draped in multiple bracelets, shiny necklaces and knuckle rings is a poor way of showing off your taste, despite it being a common trend among many people who do not think that less is more. Always remember that the statement piece is meant to be the focal point of an outfit, while you and your personality is the main star.


At Joulou Jewelry, we have positioned ourselves to be the perfect supplier for anyone who would like to cobble together a piece of customized jewelry, as we offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and design, all of it backed by a fantastic customer service. After all, we firmly believe that everyone has a creative streak within, and will be able to make their stunning statement to accessorize that outfit with a unique piece of bling. We look forward to getting in touch with you as you work out a truly special piece of customized jewelry to make that particular event an exceptional and memorable one. After all, it is anathema to appear in a social event wearing the same dress, so a piece of customized jewelry is the perfect fit for the occasion since it is guaranteed that nobody else will be sporting the same set of sparkling jewels.