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What jewelry could be worn on a maxi dress?

A classic maxi dress is a must-have in any woman’s closet because of its versatility. It can be worn at the beach with a pair of sandals and a summer hat … or to a formal dinner with a pair of stilettos and a faux fur stole. It can be dressed down or up accordingly, depending on the accessories you use, including jewelry. And when it comes to jewelry, you can’t go wrong with infinity shape necklaces to give your maxi dress the pizzazz it deserves.

Infinity shape necklaces mean different things depending on who wears them, but often, they’re symbols for eternity and empowerment. When given as gifts, they represent everlasting love that binds the giver and the receiver. But regardless of how you perceive them to mean, infinity shape necklaces are elegant and aesthetically appealing. The sideways figure 8 makes a delicate shape that works well as a jewelry design.

They’re versatile too, much like maxi dresses are. Infinity shape necklaces can be plain, or they can be adorned with precious gems like your birthstone. They can also be combined with other design, like an anchor, a heart, or a cross.

Some examples of infinity shape necklaces with embellishments are Joulou’s Make Me Starlet (joins two names embedded inside the infinity symbol), Make Me United (joins two names inside the infinity symbol in another way), Make Me Crystallized (contains a heart on which a word can be engraved), Make Me Unite (contains two hearts on which a single letter each can be engraved). All necklaces can be manufactured in sterling silver 925, 18K plated silver, and 14K gold, so you can choose which metal best suits your preferences.

Joulou’s infinity shape necklaces look great on most maxi dresses especially ones with a V-neckline. This type of neckline showcases the infinity symbol perfectly – just the way it is meant to be worn.