Drop Earrings Trend - Dangly Earrings Still Looks Cool

Design Your Own Drop Earrings -Some Tips

Drop earrings can show up in so various designs. It is no wonder, many people have a lot to say about drop earrings. Here are some things you should keep in mind when designing your own drop earrings.

What is the trend?

Check out the trends. Look for current styles. In that case, you may want to also check out the more girly styles, including dressy outfits, ruffles, cute bows, or other accessories that may fit well with your outfit.

For instance, getting a pair of good and effortless drop earrings may prove to be fashionable with a jumpsuit that is trendy. You may also want to complete the look using some pointy flats or even heels that have a fashionable bow detailing.

You may also want to consider using smaller clutches or handbags to complete your look.

Why not colorful drop earrings?

For a more refreshing style, you can use drop earrings in various colors, giving you a boost in the fashion colors that you have. For instance, drop earrings paired with a vibrant or colorful outfit will let you stand out.

But of course, you can also use drop earrings to pair with your fall or winter outfits. Drop earrings are always fashionable whatever the season is. After all, drop earrings are there to enhance one’s elegant attire, making a lady more feminine and sophisticated.

Gather materials

If you are designing your own drop earrings, you need to get headpins, earwire or earpost, and beads. You should also prepare wire cutters, flat pliers, and needle-nose pliers to make your special designs.

You can use various beads, as long as they perfectly fit on the headpin you are using. Earhooks, also known as French hook earwires, are the part of the earring that directly hang from your ear. A circular loop or jump ring is at the end of the hook, which is in contact with the earring’s decorative portion.

Make sure the earwires are made of hypoallergenic metals. Using hypoallergenic materials are important, especially for those with sensitive skin. Earrings made of hypoallergenic materials also last for a long time, since they are resistant to discoloration and corrosion.

Check your bead design first

Before you start using the beads, you should make a design first. You may want to start placing a headpin beside the beads to visualize the length. Organize the beads depending on your desired length or look.

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