2019 Ring Design Trends - What To Expect Next Year?

2019 Ring Design Trends – What To Expect Next Year?

2019 Ring Design Trends – What To Expect Next Year?

2019 Ring Design Trends

Fashion trends keep on changing from time to time. They adapt to the modern society. It keeps changing a lot that people tend to look forward to the upcoming trends and styles. The coming year is bound to bring exciting trends for jewelry most especially for rings. Expect to see a lot of two-tone metals and fancy-shaped center stones.

The fashion trend for rings never run out of style. The ring fashion can be found in the bible, in the Koran and in the Holy Scripture. People of ancient Russia also used rings as amulets from the evil forces. Women in ancient India wore mirror-rings on their fingers so that they would see their own faces as soon as they wake up in the morning. It’s a different story for ancient Egypt. Rings were only for men.

The ring trends for 2019 come in different sizes and shapes. Some designers are up  for rings with large sizes while some are for small but elegant ones. Famous designers like Nina Ricci and Giorgio Armani offer rings that have a large flower and that have geometric compositions on the fingers. Valentino, Jason Wu, and Bottega Veneta on the other hand want rings that are more graceful. Other stylists still continue wearing several rings on one hand. Although the ring trends for 2019 come in different sizes and shapes, it is fairly noticeable that the rings are abundant with stones and other minerals, multi-layered, asymmetrical, and are made of large-scale parts. Most of the rings for 2019 are large in size and have a lot of stones, pearls, and other precious stones.

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  1. Simple Ring

Stackable rings will be part of the ring trend in 2019. They can be worn alone on different fingers or they can also be worn together on one finger. There used to be a time when massive rectangular rings were a trend where they could be worn in pairs and on every finger. They will be back in 2019 together with doubled and tripled rings that needs to be worn on nails or phalanx. Rings worn on top of gloves will also be in trend. Unusual fashion rings will be part of the ring trend in 2019.

  1. Boho Style

Boho style jewelries have made a comeback in 2018 but it will definitely still be trending in 2019. Boho style comes in different forms and details but it definitely comes from one’s interpretation of freedom and creative expression. The latest boho collection combines free hippie style with exquisite bohemian style. It means that this style is anti-glamorous and is more of an expression of personality and creativity. Casual and ethnic elements are combined with high quality street fashion. Boho rings will be seen in the form of laces, chains, large medallions, fur pompons, etc and they will be worn in bundles.

Boho Style Ring

  1. Initial Rings

Initial rings are simple in style but are perfect in wearing something sentimental and modern. They can be personalized depending on the customers’ specification. They can be worn as a single initial or stacked with other initials on other fingers to form words, monograms, or abbreviations. They are perfect as gifts for your loved ones. You can have them personalized or customized at your trusted jewellery shop in order to have a unique and one of a kind style.

  1. Signet Rings

Signet ring is also known as the gentleman’s ring. It is a family heritage symbol and is seen as a form of identification. For hundreds of years ago, these rings had family coat of arms or crest that were engraved in reverse so that they could be used as a seal on documents once they were pressed into wax or soft clay. Signet rings symbolize sophistication. These kinds of rings nowadays are worn by both men and women who want to make a statement or show a connection with someone or something.

Whatever style you will go for based on these ring design trends for 2019, always look for a jewelry shop where you can freely express your creativity or make a statement. Go for a ring or rings that will leave a lasting impression and that will reveal your personal style. There are a lot of jewelry shops that claim that they sell jewelries with unique designs and styles and it’s quite easy to pick pieces from the variety of options available but wouldn’t it be nice to wear accessories that say something about yourself? Joulou Jewelry can make it happen for you. It is a perfect supplier for your jewelry needs.